• Topics
    * New Modalities in Psychotherapy
    * Updates in Addiction Medicine
    * Updates in Psychosexual Disorders
    * Recent Advances in Personality Disorders
    * Applications Biological Therapies DBS. TMS
    * Psychosurgery
    * Electrophysiology to Psychiatrists
    * Child Psychiatry
    * Practical Approach to Psychopathology

  • Scientific program format:
    • Plenary lectures.
    • Symposia.
    • Meet the experts.
    • Panel discussions.
    • Round table discussion

  • Workshops:

    * Several workshops on some important skills related to psychiatry
    will be held in parallel with the scientific during the conference. Courses:

    * Several courses will be available during the congress headed by eminent
    professional psychiatrist.

    For Abstract and Scientific shares: